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Book Data Entry

Book data entry requirements have really caught upon especially after the internet revolution. It primarily deals with conversion of hard copy like books, journals etc into soft copy. We at Subash Data Entry Services offer a full range of data entry services including e-books, yellow pages, e-novels, journals, and magazines at reasonable rates. Using our extensive expertise with advanced technologies, we offer book, eBook related data entry services to all areas including websites, magazines, books, manuals, surveys, questionnaires, computer programs, account management companies, and small and large business persons.

We cover a wide range of Book Data Entry Services including the following:

  • Conversion of books, magazines and catalogues
  • E-Publishing (PDF, HTML and other popular file formats)
  • E-Brochures and journals
  • E-Books, E-Novels, Yellow Pages
  • E-Research
  • Address book data entry
  • Data entry from financial books
  • Data entry from books to electronic format

We have a team of brilliant data entry operators with excellent typing skills and program knowledge. They are proficient in offering you the best possible quality and value. We always maintain a dedicated team of staffs with organizational skills and English language proficiency, which is a must in this field of book data entry. Our team of experienced editors also helps us in maintaining the superior quality of our data processing works in data entry. According to the client's needs and document management systems, we provide you with a professional, reliable, speedy service whenever you need it. Faster turnaround times, expertise, commitment, accuracy, state-of-the art technology, and consistency are our added strengths in this field.

Core benefits of Outsourcing Book Data Entry to us:

  • Reduced operational costs: We offer you the best competitive price out there.
  • Skilled team: Our team has been working in this field for years and is well experienced to handle the job.
  • Effective management of work
  • Reduced risk
  • Quick turnaround time: Our team is well equipped and trained to work on your project in the fastest possible time.
  • Flexible outsourcing pricing model available: We have packages to suit your every needs, small or big.
  • Free trail available to check the quality of work: We also provide you a chance to evaluate our performance by doing a sample project for you.
  • Regular work updates: We keep you informed with updates on your project regularly and incorporate modifications if any.

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