Excel Data Entry

Data entry in excel is a tiresome job to do. Figuring out how many fields are required for the task and dealing with the different file formats is a demanding job. Once you have decided on the data structure to be used, the next problem arise, i.e. how to get this data entry done properly. In most small companies, usually the work is carried on by the employees in between doing other routine jobs.

Save on your valuable manpower – We do it for you!

At Subash Data Entry Services, We know how valuable your resources is, that is why we advise you to use them on creative and productive sections of your company. Data entry is more like mechanical job for which there are experts out in the world with years of experience. 000-284Time spent by your employees on data entry jobs could be well utilized in some other important directions. So why waste your company’s precious manpower instead of using their intellectual abilities for doing productive works!

Let the experts handle the job!

  • Our experts at Subhash Data Entry Services, is a team of well trained professionals, with years of experience backing them. They are equipped with vast knowledge of handling excel data entry and are wizards in using the excel shortcuts and other form creation techniques. We know how to get your work done properly and in shortest possible time in comparison with an amateur performing the same task.
  • Our expertise in manual data entry has not been gained in few days. We handle huge volumes of data of various formats on a daily basis and are always ready for more. We are familiar with the various problems that might come up in manual data entry and are capable of handling these issues and to convert them into profit for the company, which is the ultimate goal of any company.
  • At Subhash Data Entry Services, we are committed to quality 1Z0-517 of the work we do. We do double and triple data entry works and have achieved quality levels up to 99.95%. As a result our client retention rate is also very high, which in turn reflect the hard work we put in.
  • We also take advantage of methods like computer data entry. For example, excel files permit running macros, which allow us to determine data, mismatch if any, while
    1Z1-868 doing double data entry or triple data entry. This helps us to get the work done quickly and accurately within the allotted time.

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