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Image Data Entry

Image data entry works can be done without spending much money over it and with the help of experts handling the job. We, Subash data Entry Services is a pioneer in this area and our services have been taken advantage of by many companies till date. We train our employees to face all challenges which come up in doing quality service in the field of image data entry. All information related to the job is processed in a credible manner and stress is made on following standard procedures and protocols for accessing, processing and storing data.

We at Subash Data Entry services take special care to maintain the quality of image data entry processes even when handling huge volumes of data. We receive images to work on from different sources, including scanned images of items like

  • Applications forms
  • Memos
  • Instruction manuals
  • Books
  • Handwritten scanned copies etc…

Our team at Subash Data Entry Services process the various images received and verify the quality. Some of the images we receive are of poor quality. Such images cannot be processed using automatic character readers such as OCR/ICR. In such cases, the effort needed to process the image is increased considerably. It becomes extremely important to also classify these low quality images for special data processing. Otherwise it will result in an increase in error percentage.

Our team at Subash data Entry Services is so well trained to handle these types of situations. We have the experience and skill to make best use of available resources to improvise and process data seamlessly.

Getting Image Data Entry Done – We are your first option!

You don’t have to do an in-depth analysis to find out that we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. We have been in this data entry services for long and our reputation speaks for itself. We provide each of our clients with safe FTP accounts with unlimited data capacity. You can send us as many files as you need securely through our dedicated servers and we are more than happy to handle the work you submit to us.

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