MS Access Data Entry

Many situations arise, when your company has the skill needed to perform a data entry job, but not the time and willingness especially while handling voluminous amount of data. It might seem a waste of useful manpower which could have been used to perform some other productive jobs for your company. It is here where we can help you with our expertise and experience of many years.

Database Entries – A Qualified & Quantified approach!

Database entries of an MS access database are slightly different. We at Subash Data Entry Services train our workers on a regular basis and also acquaint them with the latest technologies in the field. We update our systems with the latest version of MS Access and its working environments whenever an update is available. As a result, our workers are always ready to work on any given data entry work.

Working with MS Access needs the knowledge of how Microsoft Access breaks down a database in to:

  • Database File
  • Table
  • Record
  • Field
  • Data-types

In MS Access data entry, our resource performs the work from defining the database structure to:

  • Creating new records by typing from the input sources
  • Updating records by performing verifications against a given resource
  • Formatting database field for optimization and standardization of database
  • Establishing relation between databases
  • Form data processing
  • Report Generation
  • Mail Merging services etc…

We have supportive environments with different editions of:

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003,
  • Visual Studio .NET 2005,
  • Visual Studio 2008 and
  • SQL Server/Oracle database servers

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