Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry is one of the most preferred and popular outsourcing services among all BPO services. We at Subash Data Entry Services have the expertise necessary to handle any kind of offline jobs. We are always ready to accept any kind of typing jobs, administrative jobs or clerical jobs and support data entry in any format or as well as all types of input sources like hard copies, scanned images, PDF files etc We also handle handwritten documents.

Some of the input sources are (but not limited to) listed below:

  • Data Entry of Cards and Documents
  • Index Cards Data Entry
  • Business Cards Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Data Entry From Legal Documents
  • Ballot Cards Data Entry
  • Data Entry From Reports
  • Data Entry From Images (tiff, jpg, or any other format)
  • Data Entry From Manuscripts
  • Form Data Entry
  • Payroll data entry
  • Data Entry From Property Records
  • Data Entry From Tax Deeds
  • Checks Data Entry
  • Financial Statement's Data Entry
  • Yellow Pages data entry
  • Data Entry From Directories
  • Birth / Death Records Data Entry
  • Marriage Records Data Entry
  • Restaurant Menu's Data Entry

How we manage the Quality Control of your Offline Data Entry Jobs.

Usually we have different quality control techniques for different clients depending on the nature of their project. Besides these, we do basic quality control procedures, which are done irrespective of clients specific requirements.

Two Pass Verification or Double Entry Technique

  • Same set of data is given to two workers
  • The data entry work submitted by both the workers is compared by using specialized computer applications.
  • Errors if any are rectified.
  • Data mismatches are verified with the original by a Quality Control personnel.
  • The output of data entry given by Quality Control personnel is audited by the Auditor
  • Final dispatch is then made to the client.

Output Data Entry formats

Output Data Entry Formats means the file format in which we would be required to provide data entry output to you. We can provide data entry in any format as listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Excel files (*.XLS)
  • Microsoft Office Word files (*.DOC)
  • Microsoft Office Power Point files (*.PPT)
  • PDF files
  • MS Access Database
  • MS SQL Database
  • ASCII Text Files (*.TXT)
  • Tab Delimited Files (*.TXT)
  • Comma Separated Files (*.CSV)

How it all works

  • First send us your Offline Data Entry requirements.
  • We shall then analyze the Data Entry requirements and prepare the Scope of Work, Quality Parameters required, and give you an estimated Turn-around time for the project.
  • Select input source and output of data entry in any format from the list mentioned above, or any other, as per your requirements
  • Our process will involve Data Entry project planning, execution and delivery. All these would be agreed upon between us along with the price for the project.
  • Upon completion of the project, we will do the final dispatch of the Data Entry Output or update the web based remote systems.

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