Questionnaire Data Entry

Questionnaire/Survey Data Entry Services

Questionnaires are a very common method of collecting data from a wide range of users and organizing it. All of us have come across such an instance at least once, where we are required to fill a questionnaire. Ever wondered what happens with this data after you press the “submit” button? The questionnaires bring in huge amount of data and it is not easy to handle such 00M-638 voluminous data. We at Subhash Data Entry Services have trained professionals to work on questionnaire/survey data entry services and provide you with the best of the service.

What does this job involve – “Survey Data Entry”?

Survey Data Entry involves dealing with various types of data like:

  • Yes/no questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Checklists
  • Rankings
  • Likeness rating scales
  • Semantic differential rating scales
  • Ecosystem rating scales &
  • Other rating scales

We specialize in organizing, conducting and formatting reports for industry needs and thus ensure focused benefits in surveys. After finishing the questionnaire
M2020-615 data entry part of the survey, next job is to collect the data from various sources and organize it. For achieving this various tools are used such as:

  • OCR – Optical Character Reader
  • OMR – Optical Mark Recognition &
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition tools

But still, from our experience, we know that even softwares like the above mentioned can make mistakes. So it is best to leave this job to trained experts like our team at Subhash Data Entry Services. We can provide you an error free service.

We also deal with open ended questions. In such cases the answers are more subjective and the above tools won’t be of much help. We employ people with knowledge and experience to combine technology, manpower and people management skills to deliver you with the best work.

We offer you the best service in the industry at very affordable prices. We work as per your requirements and we have packages to suit all your data entry needs. At Subhash Data Entry Services we are committed to quality and accuracy of the work. So why not outsource your questionnaire/survey data entry jobs to us and relax?

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