Web Data Entry

Web data entry is no more a new term in the industry. Most of the companies have received great results through these services and it is done securely that you don’t have to worry about your data.

Remote Data Entry

By remote data entry, we mean using your data in your systems and performing the required data entry job. What it means is that your job gets done without a single file having to be transferred outside your desktop. We have done it many times and that too with great success.

Our experts have been trained well on how to connect to remote systems and perform data entry on these systems so that you get the work done smoothly and quickly.

Time Zone benefits – Night Data Entry

Well, this is one of the best benefits of outsourcing. Getting the work done here, while you take rest after a day’s work. Due to the time zone variation, the office times vary in different parts of the world. So while you are done with your day’s work, we’ll be beginning on our work remotely and securely. We use various licensed remote access applications to access your systems. As a result you get your work done without wasting your productive office hours.

Security and Reliability- Online Data Entry

This is the main area of concern for companies considering Web/Remote Data Entry services. But we at Subhash Data Entry Services offer you full security and control of your data. This becomes clear on understanding the actual process.

Remote access to your computer is

  • A selective and networking technology enabled task and
  • The decision to allow access is entirely at your hand.

No files are required to be transferred to us. We only access them from your systems. So you can decide on what to share with us and what not. You can selectively place files on the machine which you chose to dedicate for remote access. By not keeping sensitive/confidential file on the system, you can make sure that we are able to access only what is required to perform our job. Since the data never leaves your system you can relax while we perform the job for you.

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